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Along with the uncertain feeling of trying to get used to the number in the year changing (with the old one going away and not coming back) and considering what the perfect sentence to start off my journal could be, another part of getting ready for the new year is wondering what's going to happen to the Peanuts comics being rerun on their official site. After all, for years they would finish one year and then go on to the previous year, until at last they jumped from 1969 to 1959. After that, they started counting up, but when the last few comics of 1963 (which, to be fair, had a few references to 1964 in them) were replaced with ones from the beginning of 1958 I did start to wonder just a little. Now, though, on the basis of one Sunday strip and two daily strips I'm willing to conclude the rest of 1964 is going to be posted (except, of course, for the strips with clear date references in them...)

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