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It has been a while since I rewatched a Clone Wars episode from the first season DVD set and commented on it, but with the current season on hiatus I do have one fewer distraction from that (although there are still a lot of other distractions...) As it turns out, I was also picking up after a "to be continued" situation, if one where it's not quite established how Anakin and Obi-Wan got captured in between the episodes, given how they'd made a point of switching their mugs with the pirates on either side of them and watched as the pirates collapsed. In wondering about that the thought did come to me, though, that the pirates might have suspected the Jedi would do that, and drugged all four mugs. Of course, that's probably over-analysing things, but it may yet be better than complaining about them.

Of course, that's just one of the points of the episode, and another one of them is the return of Jar Jar Binks. I was sort of impressed that his first appearance in Clone Wars hadn't been just a single defiant gesture, and this particular episode is one that to me supports a particular interpretation of his character I've developed as if in response to the frothing complaints about him being "mindless." It seems quite possible for me to think that he is aware of what's going on around him, but just can't do anything about it. In this episode, he's not just obviously aware but also able to do things about it.

Although the creators kept up their efforts to draw links between Clone Wars and the old Star Wars movies in the little documentaries by mentioning a tenuous design link between the "pirate tanks" and the skiffs from Return of the Jedi, they also happened to mention how the doomed Senator carries the Staff of Ra from Raiders of the Lost Ark. That was even illustrated with a brief clip from that movie, which caught my attention before I remembered that the clips from the Star Wars movies are still "20th Century Fox" movies on "Warner Brothers" DVDs.

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