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There's been a bit of publicity in the last little while about a new "Hawaii Five-Oh" series on television, and it just so happened that as the newspaper coverage was picking up I was thinking about watching one particular Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode that might have its own small connection to the original series. "Code Name Diamond Head" ("Code Name Cubic Zirconium Head.") is set in Hawaii, but just perhaps not the most glamourous Hawaii ever shown on screen. Beyond that, though, I do have to admit I was first contemplating the episode in part so as to "get it out of the way now." However, it might be that one thing that distracts me from the (TV) movie is the memorable short that precedes it...

After the very clean mad scientists ("I've basically been in the shower since Thursday.") get Mike and the bots to clean up the garbage heaped inside the Satellite of Love (a prop or two from previous episodes turns up in the process), it's on to "A Day at the Fair," set at a 1950s country fair. There's much merriment in responding to the narrator's bland enthusiasm (although this perhaps makes makes it hard to find "memorable riffs" that can be quoted by themselves) as he describes the various amusements shown on screen, and it all seems to amount to good fun with just the slightest edge to it.

Then, it's on to colour and the 1970s for "Code Name Diamond Head" itself. Things start off with a suspicious priest arriving by jet plane ("Ah, Mr. Jesus. You have a nasty habit of surviving." "Ah, Mr. Handbag. Once again I see you are not on the carousel."). The "riffers" quickly say "Hey, that's no priest; that's Lovejoy!", and keep repeating the name throughout the episode; my only problem is that when I hear the name "Lovejoy," I think of the Reverend from "The Simpsons"... In any case, as a rather homely-looking counteragent ("This is a job for Regular Guy!") gets put in a noose and pushed over the edge in a bell tower ("I'm ODing on intrigue!"), there are some "riffs" playing on the (apparent) priest that remind me a bit of both "The Rebel Set" and "Final Justice."

"Diamond Head" himself enters the fray, a former naval officer now a secret agent (and answering to an older man code-named "Aunt Mary"), hunting the rogue agent and master of disguise "Tree" (or, as we've been hearing, "Lovejoy"). With the aid of a colourful and multi-racial group of sidekicks (one of who seems to have been in "Hawaii Five-Oh" itself), and despite "Tree" managing to kill a rather "junta-esque" Army officer to take his place and steal some sort of biological weapon made from a sea creature, everything turns out fine in the end (except that the pilot never went to series).

Again, I find myself remembering how I would sometimes watch Mystery Science Theater episodes over a few days, just from one "host segment" to the next (the host segments for this episode involve Magic Voice and Cambot simulating Mike as a mean Scout-master type, a "Crash Test Dummy," and "the Frugal Gourmet" to show Crow and Tom they should be happy with what they've got) at a time, and wondering if I did that the first time I saw this one. It does seem to build up better when seen in one sitting; of course, that seems obvious enough.

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