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I used to assume from the off-topic comments I ran across in various forums that just about all Star Wars fans were gloomy and cynical and bitter. I know a little better now... but even my mental image didn't compare to the one I had of space buffs in terms of gloominess.

Of course, given that most space buffs would rather be living in the world of Kubrick's 2001 with computers that work properly than the real world we're stuck in, maybe they have a right to be gloomy... but, just as I suspected, I've started to notice depressed comments about the selection of Lockheed Martin to build the new Orion spacecraft. This springs from that company's previous attempt to build a manned spacecraft, the X-33, which got cancelled before constructing anything that could fly. Still, I'm left half-convinced that the immediate reaction is the equivalent of judging a movie by its trailer...

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