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Aware that the start of the third season of Clone Wars is getting closer, and that one of these days I'll get the second season DVD set (if, perhaps, as a Christmas present), I've been trying to keep moving through the first season. I may have been slowed down, though, by making a post after seeing each episode, and I'm aware that I first started posting after watching the first of the little documentaries that go along with each episode and having the ambiguous feeling that the creators were trying hard to link their work to the old Star Wars movies and just letting connections to the new ones speak for themselves. In just the last little while, however, I may have started to wonder if that feeling has started to fade, and that's left me wondering in turn if I might run out of things to say... but not this time, and for positive reasons no less.

The little documentary for "Lair of Grievous" starts with a look at the general himself, with Dave Filoni saying the letters "EU" instead of just "a comic" when explaining how a tale had already been told of how Grievous was caught in an accident arranged by the Count and turned into that loveable cyborg. He added, though, that this didn't quite seem to be adequate character motivation, and how the creators had asked George Lucas's opinion, which was that Grievous, frustrated that he couldn't use the Force, turned himself into a cyborg to hunt down the Jedi he couldn't become part of. It was, I suppose, the bit about Lucas's opinion being asked that caught my attention; it does seem at least a bit useful against hypothetical complaints that he walks in with changes to what "everybody knows" just because he can. It did occur to me that this motivation is a somehow "personal" one, but going back to Star Wars itself motivations do seem "personal"; too, the thought's occurred to me that while Grievous can be seen as a precursor to Darth Vader, it's interesting to me for there to be some differences between them too. Of course, I can mention this here because the creators decided to keep things ambiguous.

There was also some discussion of Kit Fisto, one of the "five second wonders" of the saga; I was surprised to realise that his appearance changed quite a bit between Attack of the Clones and and Revenge of the Sith (becoming somewhat more like a "flying saucer alien," to my own eyes)... if I hadn't realised it before now, though, it seems to be something "they got away with." It also sort of struck my attention that the creators were impressed with Atsushi Takeuchi directing the episode without mentioning what else he'd worked on, but in a way the sort of casual touch to that interests me too.

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