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Watching my way through the first season set of Clone Wars, I've made it to "Cloak of Darkness." On getting to the end of the last episode and remembering that Nute Gunray got captured, I thought it added variety to not always end with "the important bad guys get away," but it just might be I hadn't been thinking their capture also necessitates their escape, and having them "win" that way also adds some useful variety too; the episode, perhaps, establishes at the beginning that that sort of thing is even "necessary" every once in a while. There was also a nice little play on what had struck me as a certain overuse of the "bad feeling" line. Beyond that, the little documentary attached to the episode didn't have any sense of "trying to play up connection to the old movies" beyond, perhaps, a mention of the Emperor's red guards. I did, though, sort of wish there could have been something said about how to plan and animate a lightsabre duel, but maybe that can show up later.

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