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A while back, I happened to notice someone propose that the Star Wars movies could be watched not in "production" nor in "numerical" order, but by starting with Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back, going on to all three new movies in a row, and then finishing with Return of the Jedi. The idea did interest me; I could imagine someone "starting from scratch" just the way everyone did three decades ago, but in the moment when they're surprised and asking "How could it come to this?", they could get an explanation but with the ultimate resolution still to come... When I tried watching the movies that way, though, I wasn't sure how much more I got out of it. I was aware, however, that I'd only been able to watch one movie a week, which made me wonder a bit about something I've managed before, watching all six movies in the space of three days; the first time I managed it, I can remember my appreciation perhaps having been heightened. With a stretch off work built into my shift calendar, I managed it again, this time in that new or "hybrid order."

Before, I do seem to remember not being quite able to "unlearn what I've learned" and watch Star Wars as if was 1977 all over again, but this time around it may be that I managed to distract myself in a different way, just by concentrating somewhat on the way each shot was framed. I'm not quite convinced my thoughts that way would measure up to a genuine film student's (even as, of late, I'm using my new hard disk-DVD combination recorder to start watching films off of Turner Classic Movies and finding this doesn't shake my interest in Star Wars), but it was at least a bit different. I suppose the thought did stick in my head that I could imagine this lending a prime position to the first two Star Wars movies made, but as I made the first "time jump" I was also able to think that the new movies remain a unit where the old ones don't. I started them off wondering about a theory I've had, that doesn't just try to come up with reasonable explanations to potential accusations that Qui-Gon "could" have had a different plan for getting off Tatooine, but provides a positive reason for the plan he does have by saying he's most interested in trusting in the Force and testing Anakin; it was, I suppose, still possible to imagine people still complaining, but the idea didn't seem excluded. In any case, my conviction that, instead of me needing an effort to be positive, other people have driven themselves to be negative hasn't been shaken, and I sort of appreciated interpreting things that followed through a sharper awareness that any potential complaint that "Anakin's voice is flat" can be answered by saying "that matches the way Darth Vader talks," and also noticing how his expressions say things, too. I wrapped things up with a second "time jump" as easy as the first.

I suppose this "hybrid order" is still just one potential way of watching the Star Wars movies to me, but it seemed to go that much better for me this time around. In any case, it does give some variety.

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