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Knowing that "Satellite News" was moving from weekly discussions of the later episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000 to the earliest ones available, I took a look there today. To my surprise, though, I saw that it was reporting the episodes that will be in the next set of official DVDs. Shout! Factory continues to get the rights to episodes that haven't been officially released yet, but more than that, they continue to pick up episodes I haven't managed to comment on.

I did manage to comment on "Robot Monster," but that should be a good addition to the first-season episodes they seem to be building up a complete collection of. Not only was the movie was notorious before the series tackled it, but it does also seem to mark a step in the "riffing" picking up. For the second "monster" movie, we get "Bride of the Monster," one of the few Ed Wood movies the series showed. (I suppose it does pose a small, self-imposed dilemma for me, though, in that it features the massive Tor Johnson, who also appeared in "The Beast of Yucca Flats" in the collection now out, and I had been contemplating watching all the "Tor Johnson" and "Coleman Francis" movies as a horrifying unit...) After them, we'll get two "devil" movies. As easy as it is to make cracks about ventriloquist dummies and attempts to make them stranger yet, "Devil Doll" has a dummy in it. "Devil Fish," on the other hand, features a sea monster. Beyond that, I suppose I'll just have to revisit those episodes when they do arrive on DVD and see what strikes me anew.

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