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As part of checking different journals this morning, I noticed several people (starting with [ profile] selenak) analysing their writing, and thought I'd try it out too. The first thing I dropped into the input box was my most recent journal post, and it returned "Dan Brown." As with other people who got that, my instantaneous reaction was to feel a little mortified, for all that it seems one hundred percent an inherited-through-hearsay feeling... Then, I put in two somewhat longer posts, got "H.P. Lovecraft" both times, and felt a bit better. However, there does seem to be a bit of a "feed in bits of different writing, and get completely different results" feel to the analyser: working with various chunks of actual fiction I've written (if as a completely personal indulgence), I got "Isaac Asimov," "Stephen King," "H.G. Wells," and "Vladimir Nabokov" in succession.

Then, the thought of being really clever came to me. I have a text file of H.P. Lovecraft's writing (from Project Gutenberg Australia), and I dropped in the first four paragraphs of "The Call of Cthulhu"... and the analyser returned "Vladimir Nabokov." The opening paragraphs of "The Colour Out of Space" returned "Ernest Hemingway." A little worried by now, I tried the first paragraphs of "The Dunwich Horror" and finally got "H.P. Lovecraft." Of course, it's no doubt just meant as harmless fun, and I did happen to look at the link to the journalling software this is promoting, so it even seems to have accomplished its purpose.

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