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Today happens to be the thirtieth anniversary of the premiere of The Empire Strikes Back, and given that I posted about the thirtieth anniversary of Star Wars three years ago, the thought to say something did sort of tickle at me. Instead, though, I found my thoughts turning to a different Star Wars-related topic...

I do appreciate Bryan Young providing a rebuttal to a video attack on The Phantom Menace, especially in the face of people who seem to have marinated in self-inflicted hatred to the point of simultaneous extreme unpleasantness and slight absurdity, but a few of his most recent points did get me thinking. He reports that one of the stream of attacks in the video was complaining how Qui-Gon didn't try and hire someone with their own ship to get the stranded Naboo off Tatooine. To me, that seems a somewhat transparent attempt to try and bring in someone "like Han Solo," but there I'm reminded of how, where some people attempt to define and then complain about differences between the two trilogies, others have complained about things being "too similar." Then, I got to thinking about how I've heard it's better in a debate (however close this post is to one) to come up with your own arguments than to always be trying to respond to the points of your opponent. Instead of thinking of clever arguments why Qui-Gon couldn't or shouldn't have tried the suggestion of someone else, I ought to think of a reason why he did what he did...

Then, it happened to me that Qui-Gon had already said "the Force will guide us," and what better way to trust in the Force's guidance than to "trust our fate to a boy we hardly know?" To say he was "testing" Anakin doesn't seem quite right to me, but it does seem like something along those lines. Of course, some people developed such an allergic reaction to the young Anakin that even I can't quite blame them from having missed this possibility among many...

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