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Hearing the call to mark May 19 as "Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day" left me thinking about the best way to add my own little contribution to it. I contemplated a post setting down my long path once again, from the fear that gathered all too fast after May 19, 1999 that my own feelings coming out of the theatre set me all alone and would shatter like a soap bubble if I poked at it anyway and all the things I sort of turned away from in response, to the lucky discovery that other people not only had reacted the way I had but were articulate about it, to shifting almost without realising it from the thought I had to work at holding up my feelings to wondering if the other side just might be the ones to be pitied for how hard they were working to hold something grown incoherent through vehemence (as much as cautionary thoughts about "blaming the victim" do come to mind), but it seemed sort of heavy once I was typing it out. Instead, I'll just say that my path doesn't seem complete yet, but I'm at a rather more content point along it than I once was. I'm also listening to the soundtracks.

"Your focus determines your reality." (courtesy of Qui-Gon Jinn)

Date: 2010-05-20 01:40 pm (UTC)
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You're welcome. One thought I did have after making this abbreviated post was that it might not be too much to say I may have worked to slide over and past the complaints people once articulated, but I can now look at Star Wars as now reconfigured and, in the focus moving from "the Rebellion versus the Empire" to "the core characters," think it a more interesting experience than it was.

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