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The familiar thought "I need to post about something in between commenting on Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes I've just watched" started creeping up on me today. Spotting an article in my daily newspaper that James Cameron was talking about converting Titanic to 3D made me wonder if I could say something about that, specifically how my first, perhaps indeed a little worried reaction that this could let people sniff that any 3D version of Star Wars that followed was "just following up" was then balanced by wondering if letting James Cameron go ahead first might make it at least a little harder for the usual suspects to attack George Lucas for daring to apply (more) new technology to movies they're familiar with. Still, I wasn't quite sure if those thoughts could justify a post...

Then, I happened to see "bigger" news (at least for me, anyway) about something sooner in the future: with the latest set of Mystery Science Theater 3000 DVDs just starting to ship out, the good people at Shout! Factory have announced the titles for their following set. Again, there are some prime episodes (again, at least for me) listed. "Lost Continent" breaks the recent habit of including an episode from the first season by moving ahead to the second; still, having added "rock climbing" to the Mystery Science Theater canon has to count for something. "Crash of the Moons" follows up on "Manhunt in Space" (and rounds out the "General Hospital" segments shown in the fourth season). My personal prize of this collection, though, is probably going to be "The Beast of Yucca Flats," which will make all three movies directed by Coleman Francis available on official DVDs. I do know they're a bit much for some, but I seem to have enjoyed them in the past, and hope to continue doing so in the future. As well, the episode also includes two entertaining shorts, both somewhat unique in their own ways. I've managed to comment on "Jack Frost" already, but it's still a worthwhile part of this news.

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