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Thanks to the gracious notification of their author, I now have some new MSTings linked to at the end of the MSTing Mine. It seems to have been a while since I updated it, and it took a moment or two to remember just how I'd been doing it; in some ways, I found myself imagining that I had just run across evidence that some ancient folk art from days of yore hadn't quite vanished yet.

Still, this far along I seem able to be philosophical about it. Interest in Mystery Science Theater 3000 seems to have survived quite nicely, although perhaps it's just a matter of its fans producing different sorts of "fanworks" as opposed to "taking over the task of continuity." Too, it may well be that without MSTings pointing out "cheesy fanfiction," and perhaps more specifically arrogant "self-insertions," the mere fact of its existence doesn't dwell on me the way it just might have when I was reading fresh MSTings on a regular basis, for all that one of the most important MSTings in terms of getting me interested in them was one of a story I'd tried without much success to figure out before. (I do still seem quite able to keep reading archived works, though.)

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