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It used to be that the core works when it came to MSTings were gathered together in a single archive, "Web Site Number Nine." Unfortunately, the maintainer of that archive seemed to burn out by degrees. When he moved, he took his archive off line (and the mailing list MSTing authors discussed things on), and it never reappeared. I suppose the MSTing community may have been running out of steam as well (a second community focusing on writing MSTings of anime fanfiction, often using "non-standard" casts, burned out by different degrees some time later), but the sharp break left a void. When it gradually came to me that the first MSTings would have been posted to Usenet, I started searching through the Google Groups archive, and created a simple listing of links to them. That was better than nothing, but I suppose I didn't quite push to create a community of my own...

With that admitted, though, the occasional MSTing does still get posted to Usenet, and I just found one of them. It's an amusing commentary on an incoherent space-related rant, where the original point is obscure but the original author's determination in saying it seems quite clear. In any case, I got to make one more update to my archive.

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