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On Wednesday, I drove two towns over to see the Winter Olympics torch relay go through, following up on a mention in the company site newsletter of a pep rally layover. At the time, I had a vague impression the relay would head into my own city going straight downtown along the highway and do a lot of that very early in the next morning, so I felt content enough with going a little out of the way; after all, when I had got to see the 1988 Winter Olympics relay, I was three hours away from home in the city my grandparents lived in. While I was eating dinner, though, I heard a commotion outside and looked up to see the torch's flame in the winter darkness, headed down the major street closest to me. I knew something about how the relay is wiggling across the country, but not quite so much about how it's wiggling through each city.

Headed off for some twelve-hour shifts the next morning, vague thoughts of maybe making a post about that just to make another post evaporated. This evening, though, another coincidence occurred when I switched on my TV before turning on the DVD player, and on the channel it was tuned to the newscast was reporting on that guy in Japan I'd heard slightly horrified rumours about, the one who had staged a mock wedding with a "dating simulation"... the newscast brought up an internet addiction angle, but somehow seemed that much more restrained about the whole thing.

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