Nov. 10th, 2012

krpalmer: (mst3k)
I decided quite a while ago to save a well-respected episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 for the penultimate position in this project of rewatching and commenting on them. (Looking back, though, I did see I had once considered getting to it much sooner, only to put it off because it would have stretched out getting through the first episode of each season...) The episode is "Mitchell," famous first as the one where Joel Hodgson left the series and Mike Nelson was introduced "as himself" to take over, but also as a cop movie featuring Joe Don Baker. As Mike says as he helps TV's Frank and Dr. Forrester as a temp worker during an audit of Deep 13 (while Joel presents the infamous "Daktari stool" for his half of the "Invention Exchange"), "You guys watch Joe Don Baker movies?"
'Stop or my heart'll explode!' )
'But I'm not a salesman, I'm the chubby blue line!' )
'Mitchell. Even his name says, is that a beer?' )

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