Aug. 23rd, 2009

krpalmer: (mst3k)
I've skipped ahead from the second to the seventh season of Mystery Science Theater 3000... and perhaps having the decision of what episode to watch next in a sense made for me has brought me to one I might have been leery about returning to in other circumstances. To be sure, I did laugh quite a bit when I first saw "The Incredible Melting Man," but it was a nervous sort of laughter: there are jokey lists of "the most disgusting things" in Mystery Science Theater's movies, but being the squeamish sort for me the Incredible Melting Man himself seemed to belong on them for looking just plain gross. At times in the past, I've wondered about my habit of scribbling "riffs" on a legal pad to quote in these posts to try and to capture just a little more of the Mystery Science Theater experience; it does seem to distract me from what's on screen... but this time around, I might have been glad to focus on the pad. Still, when it was all done, I didn't feel that bad for the experience this time around...
'Is there a credible melting man?' )
'I wish people would rake so I wouldn't stick to everything!' )
'I think his shampoo had the wrong pH.' )
'I'd love to go in, but I'd hate to drip all over their carpets!' )
'There's pudding in the melting man, to make him moister.' )
'Somebody's going to throw him on a hockey rink.' )

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