Apr. 19th, 2009

krpalmer: (mst3k)
Having already commented on "Pod People," I'm moving ahead to the fourth season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 and "City Limits." Fitting it into a pattern two episodes after "Space Travellers" and in between "The Giant Gila Monster" and "Teenagers From Outer Space," I can see it as helping to establish a brief alternation at the start of the season as a lower-key echo of the alternation between "American movies" and "Japanese movies" that made up a lot of Mystery Science Theater's third season, the difference this time around that the alternation is between black and white movies from the 1950s (which filled most of the third season) and the repackaging efforts of "Film Ventures International" (which helped lead it off). For once, "City Limits" seems to have its own footage heavily solarized to serve as a backdrop for FVI's opening and closing credits, but it's difficult to say if this helps the movie any...
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