May. 16th, 2007

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Even with the thirtieth anniversary of the original Star Wars almost upon us, I've been trying to keep remembering that the fifth anniversary of Attack of the Clones is going to precede it. (At the time though, I suppose, there wasn't much made of the possibility of AotC being a "twenty-fifth anniversary" movie.)

I suppose I've already posted to some extent about my first viewing of the movie: I went in on a rainy day with an advance ticket but not a little apprehension, but wound up caught up in it. The crowd was enthusiastic; I remember there being applause when Mace Windu chopped off Jango Fett's head, when Yoda sprang into action, and at the end itself. I then overheard somebody commenting "George Lucas has redeemed himself," which did annoy me a little: even after three years of almost unrelieved hostility elbowing me at unexpected moments, I hadn't given up on The Phantom Menace yet... and yet, one of my more aggravating recurring moments is when someone forgets that comment altogether and dismisses TPM and AotC in the same breath. I suppose I have to admit that my first reaction to TPM was pleased relief, but in a "positive but not profound" way; with AotC, my reactions seemed that much more heightened. (That may be a product, though, of having been that much more careful to avoid potential spoilers.) Some odd dialogue just didn't seem enough to me to nail the movie to. Too, I can notice how Ewan McGregor and Natalie Portman are excused with "Nobody could handle that dialogue" or "Anyone would be lost in front of that much bluescreen," but when it comes to Hayden Christensen, who doesn't have as much of a body of work, all of a sudden everyone is casually proclaiming "Oh, he just can't act..." (I suppose that applies for me to Jake Lloyd too.)

Still, I can suppose that in some ways that misleading balance between TPM and AotC has helped keep me from wishing that "Episode II should have been Episode I". Of course, it's true enough that AotC made where everything was going that much more definite. In any case, for me AotC has swashbuckling action and imperfect heroes and narrow escapes and dastardly villians and worlds never seen before... in a way, it just might be an underappreciated template for Star Wars movies themselves.

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