Date: 2007-09-20 12:32 am (UTC)
Ah, "The Final Sacrifice (," featuring (if that's the right word) Canadian icon Zap Rowsdower ( (Somebody in a Mystery Science Theater community once compared that movie's plot to the "hero's journey" of Star Wars... unfortunately, I didn't have the courage to follow up on the comments on it.)

The thing is, you can MST3K any movie, not just the bad B-movies.

You can, and yet in reading MSTings I did start wondering if taking on a well-known movie makes it a little too easy to let "shared dislike" bubble out and leave things too mean to be really funny. But maybe I'm just especially annoyed today after learning that the new project of some of the Mystery Science Theater writers, where they record mocking "RiffTrax" to be synched up with official DVDs, is about to harsh on Revenge of the Sith, mentioned in annoying fashion... Somehow, hearing about the last two times they did that with Star Wars movies left me quite uninterested in checking out their current work.
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