Date: 2007-09-18 02:23 am (UTC)
Ooohh, the Golden Turkey awards! I had the (natch) sequel to the book, not the original: the sequel was called (natch again) "Son of Golden Turkey Awards." It was a scream and a half, though the Medved brothers did have a tendency to drone on.

Not surprisingly, both Medveds had a special place in their stinker-lovin' hearts for Pia Zadora. She got her very own mention in the book's "Lifetime Golden Turkey Achievements" category, or whatever it was called (I misplaced the book long ago), at the end.

She also got nominated for her very own original Golden Turkey, for "Most Insufferable Kiddie Film" I think it was called. She didn't "win," but the Medveds made sure to mention what Ms. Zadora is arguably best known for (aside from a successful turn later in life as a singer, and for marrying a very wealthy sugar daddy, Meshulem Riklis, who was something like three times her age), which was being awarded the 1980 Golden Globe for Best New Star. The category has since been discontinued. Some think it was discontinued due in no small part to shame at awarding the likes of Zadora, and more than one person suggested that her hubby "bought" the award for his wife by expensively wining and dining the judges, charges Riklis denied until his death and Zadora, who split from Riklis sometime in the early 90s but remained good friends with him, still denies.

Anyway, the Medveds noted that, aside from the wretchedness of the movie Zadora was nominated for ("Butterfly"), and the wretchedness of her performance, she actually should've been disqualified from winning for another reason: she was NOT a "new star." She had, in fact, debuted at least a decade before in, you guessed it, "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians."

Their assessment was a riot. Of course, even though Santa Claus was supposed to "save Christmas" for the Martian kiddies, the Medveds noted "that there appear to be only two of them in this ultra-low-budget effort." Pia was duly dissed for her horrible acting and "all purpose pout," which she'd perfected even "before her famous golden globes had appeared."

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