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While I’ve indulged myself for several months with a bagatelle of a comic book pitting “Star Trek” (the animated series) “versus the Transformers” (the original cartoon), I can’t say I’ve had many impulses to check out further comics licensed from either property. In continuing to look at the “TF Wiki,” though, I did take slight note of another comic looking at a just-tangential “robot toy line of the 1980s,” enough that running into a comment suggesting it had continued on into an “edgy” take on things left me a little askance. One follow-up to that comment, however, did get my attention when I saw the claim the best of all the recent comics on the general subject remained “Incredible Change-Bots.”

I’d heard a bit about that comedic comic by Jeffrey Brown before, and now I went so far as to take a quick look at the Comixology online store, to see its three titles were said to be marked down, cheaper anyway than the digital manga I’ve sometimes bought lately when it’s marked down. Taking a chance on it, I discovered the unexpected bonus that its publisher Top Shelf offered “.CBZ” files for download, a small tonic against the mutterings that ebooks might not be forever.

One of the obvious jokes of the comic did seem the awkward designs (with some more memorable “unlikely alternative modes” mixed in with the boxy cars), but I do have to admit to thinking of the Transformers comic I drew in my own childhood. “Incredible Change-Bots” did try to do more with perspective than I ever did back then. Another part of the joke seemed a deflating of “absolute good versus utter evil,” which got me thinking of how after a while the assorted Transformers stories seemed to realise they couldn’t do without Optimus Prime as a moral centre and started bringing him back from the dead. While the joke might be on me to take things too seriously, I suppose I did wonder about the first comic having been published in 2007, right around when the first live-action Transformers movie thumped its way on screen, and the conflict springing from a “rigged election” and “arguments over evolution.”

I do have to admit hearing Jeffrey Brown has now produced some seemingly “official” Star Wars graphic works hasn’t got me to a “surely he’ll stay wry enough to avoid any trace of contemptuousness/‘Original Trilogy’-blinkered,” and I did get a sense of “Incredible Change-Bots” coming to an end when discovering “Two Point Something Something” was a collection of short pieces and art; I might not have read its description too closely when adding it to my Comixology cart. If it didn’t affect whatever attention I have for the Transformers long (too long?) rooted in my head, though, it was altogether amusing.
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