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I was pointed to a piece that seemed to concatenate just about all the assorted arguments I've already seen that "George Lucas's Star Wars is more defensible than some endlessly repeated opinions would have it" (including an argument I'd just tried articulating myself, supposing it an "unpopular fandom opinion.") It was somehow invigorating, even if I know it might at best nudge a person or two towards looking at the movies with somewhat less of a compulsion to cut them apart and reinforce well-worn negativity. However, along the way an "effect" was invoked that had me thinking back to another time I'd seen it brought up, and an uncertainty on my own part.

The "Dunning-Kruger effect" seems summed up as "the unskilled can't recognise their own lack of ability and consider themselves more talented than they are." My own uncertainty, though, is whether saying someone else is demonstrating that effect is somehow to demonstrate it yourself. It might only depend here on both of the times I'm thinking about having to do with opinions on fiction (as much as I have my own opinions). Whether "false modesty" or "holding yourself above someone else" ties into things is another question.
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