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Having committed myself to the point of paying into the Kickstarter to "bring back MST3K," I am getting updates from Joel Hodgson about how the project is going. The latest email from Kickstarter was lengthy enough that I wondered about saying something about it, only to then wonder if it was somehow "confidential." However, the next day I saw that Satellite News had linked to the update, so I suppose I can go ahead.

It is interesting to know pre-production under way, but I don't know if the personal question that kept me holding off on contributing until the deadline was almost up was addressed, namely whether, with the "common ground" of 1960s and 1970s television the references of the "Joel episodes" that much further in the past, the new group of writers will build all their references around "fannish culture" and repeat wearily familiar opinions instead of actually saying something unusual and funny. However, wondering about that this time did get me thinking back to when I was reading MSTings. The "anime MSTings" that made up a good part of my own experience had plenty of anime references, of course, but a fair number of the people writing them seemed just as interested in professional wrestling; that was rather less interesting for me. If I could deal with that at the time, though, I might yet be able to cope.
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