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I was mentally rehearsing an idea for the first post of a new month when I stumbled on something altogether different. Last year, Shout! Factory re-released the first collection of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes, which I did break down and buy over again even if I haven't made the time to watch it. It seems other people bought it as well, as they've just announced the second collection will be re-released. This collection includes "Cave Dwellers" and "Pod People," a double dose of 1980s cheesiness and two of the very first episodes I saw back when I was just starting to put visuals to the text-only world of MSTings. (However, I have been stuck wondering if something about their "host segments," somehow "pitched to those already familiar with things," and their general "Joel episodes" feel puts a little bit of distance between them and me.) "Angels Revenge" rounds things out in a way that surprised me by seeming to appeal a bit more than it had before the last time I watched it, and the collection is filled out by a series of shorts. Now that many more episodes have been released on DVD, I can wonder if it's as "necessary" as it might have once been, but it was what was there to begin with.

The complicated outer packaging of the original and early collection is in pretty good shape on my shelf, but I do know there's a broken disc holder and a disc hub with a crack in it inside that. Again, I'm wondering if I should indulge myself by getting this second re-release, even as I once again remind myself there are other people who don't have the original.
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