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I suppose there won't be as quite many people reminding themselves it's "Star Wars Prequel Appreciation Day" today as were saying "May the Fourth be with you" two weeks ago, but then again, for me at least, today doesn't feel quite as arch about the whole thing. (Of course, there are those who follow up "May the Fourth" by mentioning "Revenge of the Fifth"...) I've tried to mark this day before, but at times haven't been able to say too much about it. For this particular day, though, knowing it's been ten years since Revenge of the Sith opened to general audiences has driven me to further efforts.

Things were different for me with that movie. I had managed to rally by myself when Attack of the Clones opened from having wound up doubting my positive impressions of three years before, only to become convinced just a few months later that other people had gone and found reasons after the fact to turn on that movie as well in the place of at least having had a ridiculously overwrought allergic reaction to some broad slapstick comedy relief slosh over to waterlog everything else. For the third new Star Wars movie, however, I didn't have to try and see if I could still manage that; I'd been lucky enough the year before to have happened at last on a handful of other positive-minded people. Even so, though, there might have been just a few "triple or nothing" feelings as I lined up on opening night.

Things worked out for me. There were some happy moments for the protagonists near the beginning to show what they'd reached yet were about to fall from, some surprises along the way, and some wrapping together as everything ended. That the person whose links and online journal had pointed at last to the little community I checked the morning after hadn't been able to take just what had happened to Padme and had been left in a sense stranded outside the promised land did sound a note of sadness in the reaction, but all in all the summer was a good one for me. I went back to the movies several times more, and where I had begun to worry about just how and what I had wound up going back to Attack of the Clones for, I was quite capable of taking this latest experience in time and again. I also managed to buy a fair number of action figures, perhaps still dwelling on how I'd never had a Darth Vader figure as a kid (save for a large rubbery eraser and some of the little die-cast figurines). However, I suppose I do have to admit the figures are still sitting in their packages in plastic shopping bags in a closet; it seems I'm too self-conscious to open them, for all that I suspect there are too many other people ready to save toys unopened these days for them to really be worth anything valuable.

With that aside, all the same, there's still the sense "prequel appreciation" is a demanding path. To say "you're all watching it wrong" is, of course, a grandiose and arrogant proclamation, although it does seem to me "instead of finding reasons to resent the whole thing past a certain date, my interpretation lets me enjoy the whole cycle." There, though, suspicions are flaring the whole franchise under new management is now being pitched and calculated to invoke hypothetical "good old days" at the expense of any possible attempt to engage with the other half of the cinematic collection. For that matter too, the way all the current buzz-building seems to narrow down to the fetishizing of "on-set effects" leaves me wondering if any greater thought is being put into "trying to do better," but I suppose I can wonder if the attempted subtlety in fact means there hasn't been as much of a "stepping away" as we might suspect.
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