Sep. 25th, 2017

krpalmer: (anime)
After taking notice not just of another "girls' love" manga series from Seven Seas but of an unusual yet intriguing interpretation of one of its main characters and her ever-so-slow build towards not just accepting but feeling love, I managed to comment on not just the first but also the second volume of "Bloom Into You." As I bought the third volume, I remained a bit conscious that there's a delicate balance between having been fascinated that some saw something "asexual" about Yuu to begin with and thinking ahead to how traditional for the genre the ending may get. In some ways, I can reflect on my own difficulty with reading romantic connections into fictional characters even faced with others embroidering what might seem the slightest of links, and if I'm putting a weight on Yuu that's just another variant of "since there's no representation of this in media, I'll put it there myself!" Contemplations that maybe this volume would be the one where everything would become familiar and I'd run out of things to say, though, didn't come to pass, although in saying things I can wonder if I'm about to give something away.
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