Jan. 19th, 2015

krpalmer: (europa)
Even if the specific post I saw the news in did include one of those gratuitous slams on The Phantom Menace all the more unappealing for trying to make a light joke of it, it still caught my attention that the manga adaptations of four of the Star Wars movies have become available again, in electronic comic form now as Marvel Comics gets its hands on what Dark Horse Comics used to have. (That does include a great many other comics, in any case.) They're still divided up into four (or two in the case of the one I didn't buy for thinking it would "feel rushed") segments, are still mirrored from the Japanese art to "read the right way" (and put things like the Millennium Falcon's cockpit on the other side), and are still without adaptations of Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, but it's kind of nice to know that other people have the chance to read them too. While I suppose I'm doubly biased on the subject (and have little to compare them against but the original Marvel versions), they were interesting takes on the subject for me. I did notice their covers now have the "Legends" banner being applied to the old novels; my first reaction to that was to wonder just what an adaptation of the actual movies has to do to not get that (beyond having been made under new management), but I then happened to remember they were based on the 1997 Special Editions, which aren't quite current now either.

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