May. 1st, 2014

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In another last flurry of contributions, the third and concluding DVD set from the online streaming and crowdfunding site Anime Sols for the series Dear Brother has been funded. It's a relief for me to know this series should be completed; after all, I'd actually found the time to watch the first episode of the series to get a first sense of motivation for contributing to it. At the same time, it was about as nervewracking a wait as the one for the final volume of Creamy Mami. If the site does get around to pledge drives for other anime series in the future (it didn't start anything new in these final days), I fear I may be a bit more inclined to rest on my laurels in general cases.
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In noticing comments about the fiftieth anniversary of the computer language BASIC, I decided I could skip the day of the official commemorations and wait until the day recorded as the one the first programs in it were run (at four in the morning) to set down a thought or two of my own.
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