Dec. 26th, 2018

krpalmer: Imagination sold and serviced here: Infocom (infocom)
News of the impending “Tumblr apocalypse” hit just a few days after I’d loaded a melancholy image into my queue there. Having hit on the idea, at a moment when coming up with something to post here every week or so seemed to be overcoming me at last, that I could delve into livelier online pastures yet keep from just recycling things other people had already posted by making up a selected chronological record of old computer magazine covers, I started off with the first issue of Creative Computing. Now, I had come to the last issue of the magazine.

I did ponder getting to the end of the covers for December 1985 and letting my site drift off into the ether. Still, I also got to thinking of how, when I’d first turned up the last fourteen issues of Creative Computing in my family’s basement, whatever had happened in computing afterwards between then and the present day seemed more obscure. (It can feel a challenge to imagine just how Creative Computing itself would have presented at least the immediate years following.) I wondered quite idly about somehow posting “monthly summaries” here, but when none of the seemingly innocuous images I’d already posted to Tumblr seemed to have been flagged (even if I have to go through my “archives” to find the covers the “search field” won’t turn up) I have to admit inertia took over. I am a bit conscious that while other magazine will drop out along the way, I have sources for at least a few that’ll run until 2005 or so. In any case, keeping this journal itself going isn’t always overwhelming, even if I haven’t gone very far yet towards seeking out “Tumblr refugees” on Dreamwidth to get a little further away from “my best audience is myself.”

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