Jul. 22nd, 2012

krpalmer: (mst3k)
So far as titles of Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes go, "Invasion of the Neptune Men" is one of those I can roll around until it starts sounding ridiculous all by itself. That, though, does seem to draw comparisons with "The Robot versus the Aztec Mummy," a title attached to an early and somewhat dragging episode, and I do have the sense the second Japanese movie of the eighth season has a reputation among at least some fans as one of the outright "difficult" episodes of the series. While I have seen it before, I recall not having quite the same enthusiastic personal reaction to it as to the "Coleman Francis trilogy," which I pretty much just shrug off the complaints of others about. That left me wondering just what I'd make of it this time around.
'They're being defeated by a wispy bachelor.' )
'Meanwhile, in a hideous little simulacrum of the United States...' )
'Stop zooming in! I have no emotions to show you!' )
'So, general psychoses and freakiness all around!' )

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