Dec. 18th, 2011

krpalmer: (mst3k)
With "Mighty Jack" ("The story of a brave flapjack."), I've finished rewatching the "Sandy Frank" episodes of Mystery Science Theater 3000, at least in their "shown on cable" forms. Thoughts of it being "the end of one era" do mix, though, with the impression I just might have got to this particular episode a bit sooner, back when I was watching movies I could identify as "James Bond ripoffs." With an opening "invention exchange" in which the mad scientists are showing off "Formal Flippers" for secret agents wearing tuxedoes underneath their scuba gear, the show does seem aware of the connection. At the same time, though, something about the snappy grey suits and slim neckties just about all the men in the film seem to wear made me think not of a "Japanese James Bond," but of a "Japanese Mad Men" (and I haven't ever watched that show...)
'Man, just think if this movie had a plot! It'd be really neat.' )

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