Mar. 14th, 2010

krpalmer: (mst3k)
Nearing the end of my small project of watching the fifth episode of each season of Mystery Science Theater 3000, I've made it to the ninth season and "The Deadly Bees." Throughout this episode, one reaction that kept occurring to me was that it somehow felt a bit "lower-keyed" than others, and given that with a different and more traditional scheme of watching through the series it followed "Pumaman" and "Werewolf" I can imagine this leading to it being less thought of than those others. Still, "lower-keyed" (whatever that means) didn't mean "not enjoyable" for me as I at last got set up for the impending release of the next official DVD collection with its inclusion of the fifth episode of the tenth season.
'This is a movie that had everything! ...all wrong.' )
'Just for that, I'll redouble my smoking and withhold more sex!' )
'You're wondering how I stay so lumpy, aren't you?' )

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